You don't need surprises and we want satisfied customers!

Computer Hardware

We are here to provide all types of computer hardware solutions. Grove has the knowledge of finding the best products at the best prices and passing those savings on to you. No middle man with hidden charges. We sell all Lenovo laptops and at times we carry great refurbished deals. If he finds your device needs replacement items you only pay what we pay. Saving you more money on any repairs needed. We carry all computer components and if it's not in the store, we can usually get it next day. We sell only the best because you have work to do and with quality brings reliability. We support everything guaranteed!


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Computer Software

Here at Warp 9 we can help with both system software  and application software. Many times the software in the background is full of bugs and gumming up the works. We take the time to analyze the problems.  Rest assured it will be cleaned out or reinstalled properly so you will feel secure knowing it has been done right the first time.


Laptop Repair

Accidents happen and when your laptop stops working we can tell you why. You probably already know that it can happen from a simple drop but run over by a car? Yup. We fixed it! We have years of experience replacing mainboards, hinges, power & jack components along with LCD screens. Cleaning out the components or even blowing out the fan when it's apart can make all the difference. Give us a call and we'll take a look at it for free!



In-Store Quick Fix

Many of our customers come in because they are unsure of what might be the trouble. If it is a simple setting or hardware adjustments we can often do it in store while you wait!  We listen to your questions either on the phone or in person. Grove spends quality time explaining how something should be working, troubleshooting with you and providing patient support you're in need of. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure something simple out and it's not working. Believe me when I say, free advice and tech support are often given!

Home and small business on-site services

Often times folks have trouble getting multiple devices to behave themselves and communicate with each other. We can go to your home or business and take a look to see what is happening. From networking issues or setting up new equipment we can help. Grove is super nice and super smart when it comes to this stuff!

Low vision and Adaptive Tech

Warp 9 PC specializes in creating unique solutions for comfortable reading and operation of all your devices. 

Custom built

When the computer you have or look at purchasing just doesn't fit your needs, it may be time to build one just for you. With your specific needs in mind Grove will sit down with you and go over all kinds of options. Most folks are typically gamers (we have tons of experience there!) Speed is the name of the game with awesome sound and graphics. You don't want to spend money on something that isn't perfect for you. Here at Warp 9 you won't have too.