Our work

Our work always depends on the needs of the folks we serve. From the simple to the complex issues.  Because of our philosophy and ethics we do not profess to be something we are not. Warp 9 is a small family run business  where folks can stop by with an appointment to get the help they truly need. We can come to pick up or drop off if that is easier for you.

If that old computer you love is on its last legs and you want to save it, we will do whatever we can to restore it back to it's younger self. If your laptop or screen is cracked you can bring it in and you will get an honest quote.
We have helped build some awesome custom computers with gamers in mind. Many folks have welcomed us into their homes and businesses for the very basic problems to full networking solutions.
We pass on our savings for great deals on Lenovo products and refurbished laptops. We also search the internet to get you the highest quality parts for your repair and our services. We take pride in everything we say and do!

Below are examples of our laptop repairs. Every part is replaced with quality components and all work is done in house. I still am amazed with all the tiny parts and screws needed to be put back in the right places. He is an engineer and tinkerer by nature.


We have a long history of gaming computers and whole experience systems. Many a Everquest game was being played which evolved to WOW! Battle games requiring great sound and graphics can be custom built right here! We use only the best products to ensure you can keep up with your guild or team of flyers. We can get all the best components ranging from keyboards to awesome graphic cards. Building high speed gaming machines is something we love to to do best. Come in and share your gaming experiences with us. You might get a few codes too!

warpcustom (1)
Here we have some older computers that most folks would have long gotten rid of, but if it's only running slower and needs some upgrades, why not keep it if you love it? We remember when these were young and we treat old and new alike. No discrimination here!

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

- Willian A. Foster